This was the video that inspired me throughout my final year at uni. I just can’t get over the fact that this was shot using an iPhone 4. It’s pure perfection!

In 2010 the world’s most advanced smart phone was the iPhone 4 and it proved to be a powerful device for digital filmmakers. I came across this video on YouTube, which was claiming to be the ‘First OFFICIAL iPhone 4 music video’. Whether it was the first official iPhone 4 music video or not, doesn’t really matter, the fact is it’s a really well executed video. To me this is a realization that anyone can make something inspiring, without having to have lots of fancy equipment and money. This is what influenced me in my final year at uni.

I maybe making a slight contradiction here but, I must admit that the editing is the main reason why the video is good. Just because we live in a world where pretty much everyone has open access to lots of technology, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all definitely going to produce something good from it. I think a lot of planning went into this video as it’s really well shot and they’ve used really nice locations to film in. I also think the colour grading is great as it really emits that professional look.