This was another really  great short documentary shot on an, can you believe it, an iPhone 4. It follows photographer, David Olkarny, and was filmed by Yassine Lens.

“My first video of a shoot with the talented photographer David OLKARNY,
a time of serious work and fun!! Filmed entirely with my iphone 4, picture quality unexpected!! And edited with iMovie.” Yassine Lens

It’s pretty evident we’re going to see a new revolution in film making and it’s all down to the iPhone. Although the iPhone 4 has a basic HD video mode, you can still make a very professional looking film/video.

“The very best HD films from the new iPhone are featured here, already over 110k views, please post a shout if you would like your film to be added here, thanks for watching the new revolution in film making!” (Vimeo)

It’s amazing how DLSR’s from the last couple of years were the next big tool in video production and now… a mobile phone is also proving successful as well. This was something that I wanted to explore further throughout my final projects at uni.