DigitalRev Team in London

The DigitalRev team touch ground in London to embark on a challenge set by the Bloody Producer. They have to visit 10 locations in the capital in less than 48-hours, otherwise their beloved Apple Mac’s back at HQ get replaced with PC’s.

Street photography and Instagram photobooks by @koci

Street photography and Instagram photobooks by @koci from Blurb Books on Vimeo.

The art of discretion by using an iPhone to capture natural street photography. This is a nice short video following Emmy award-winning multimedia journalist and iPhoneographer, Richard Koci Hernandez.

In this video, Hernandez says “I’ll use any tool available, as long as it helps me tell the story I wanna tell, I’ll use it.” I like the way he is thinking forward into how he can be more discreet as a journalist and be able to capture more realistic photographs.

The Photographer: David Olkarny

This was another really  great short documentary shot on an, can you believe it, an iPhone 4. It follows photographer, David Olkarny, and was filmed by Yassine Lens.

“My first video of a shoot with the talented photographer David OLKARNY,
a time of serious work and fun!! Filmed entirely with my iphone 4, picture quality unexpected!! And edited with iMovie.” Yassine Lens

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First Official iPhone 4 Music Video

This was the video that inspired me throughout my final year at uni. I just can’t get over the fact that this was shot using an iPhone 4. It’s pure perfection!

In 2010 the world’s most advanced smart phone was the iPhone 4 and it proved to be a powerful device for digital filmmakers. I came across this video on YouTube, which was claiming to be the ‘First OFFICIAL iPhone 4 music video’. Whether it was the first official iPhone 4 music video or not, doesn’t really matter, the fact is it’s a really well executed video. To me this is a realization that anyone can make something inspiring, without having to have lots of fancy equipment and money. This is what influenced me in my final year at uni.

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